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Experience: We have since 2000 in the computer world and since 2004 for consoles and mobile phones, thousands of customers over the years have been served and learned from every mistake, every failure, alwayslooking for a more effective work. Always with the priority to improve our service and attention to our customers


Warranty: All facilities chips give 1 year warranty in writing, it includes all repair costs, parts, labor, shipping and even back and forth, We are so confident of our work, we can offer such a guarantee, since the failure rate inmany incidentally is very small.


Shipping: All shipments are insured for their replacement value, if for any reason during the transport event of a problem that damaged the item will be refunded the money integrity of the product or give you a new one, no waiting, no dizziness.


Prices: We strive daily to have the best market prices for each product with a value for money.


Personal contact: We serve our online chat, email and phone, you can contact us directly to the phone 954 830 305 / 680 210 405 or visit us at our facilities in San Agustin 63 Round, 1a 41400 Ecija (Sevilla). To serve you best

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